CatGPT a better version of ChatGPT?

For those who might not have noticed, ChatGPT has taken over the internet in the past couple of months. Students use it to generate papers. Developers use it to write code. Weirdos such as myself use it to reenact scenes from Romeo and Juliette, but set in the postapocalyptic world where instead of them being lovers, they are fugitives running from an evil overlord. Anyway, the point is that ChatGPT has become part of our everyday lives. But have you heard of CatGPT?

Disclaimer: Take this post with a grain of salt as it is intended for humorous purposes only!

What is ChatGPT?

Before we start talking about what CatGPT is and what its advantages are compared to ChatGPT, we have to first introduce ChatGPT. And who better to introduce ChatGPT than ChatGPT itself?

ChatGPT is essentially an AI-powered chatbot to which you can ask questions and receive responses. It has become quite useful due to its ability to provide concise answers. It also gives the impression of a real conversation as you can ask it to rewrite the text considering that the recipient might be a child, for example.

About a month ago, Microsoft invested in ChatGPT, and more and more organizations are starting to dabble with the power of AI and ML, which is why more and more chatbots are starting to spawn. One of them being CatGPT.

Introducing CatGPT

Have you ever asked yourself the everlasting question, “What if ChatGPT were a cat?” I certainly didn’t, but a fellow catthusiast sent me a link to this brand new chatbot called CatGPT, so I tried it out.

And you can too!

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