Podcast of the Week: Command+Shift+Left

Podcasts have become an integral part of my life. I am listening to them almost every day, and it doesn’t matter whether I am commuting, cleaning up the house, or just relaxing. I would also like to share my passion with all of you, which is why I am kicking off a new series called Podcast of the Week. Each and every week, I will bring one podcast of my choosing to the spotlight. This week’s podcast is a brand new show called Command+Shift+Left.

About the show

Command+Shift+Left is a podcast that helps you navigate the treacherous waters of software development, operations, and security while also diving into the hot current trends in the industry. If you like listening to real-world humorous stories and would love to learn new stuff about developer security, you will surely love the show!

Filip Grebowski

Filip Grebowski is the host of the podcast. He originally started his career at Cisco, and now he is a Developer Advocate at Permit.io. He also runs his own YouTube channel, Developer Filip, where he talks about tech related topics. Filip is an active member of the open-source community and takes the frontend to new heights.

A fun fact is that I have unknowingly watched some of his videos (they are hilarious; I highly recommend you watch them) even before I have listened to the new podcast.

Or Weis

  • Or Weis is the CEO and co-founder of Permit.io.
  • Originally, Or worked as a lead engineer for multiple cybersecurity and big data companies.
  • “Ordinary” is not one of the adjectives associated with Or, as he is recognized both as a Snyk Ambassador, and as a JFrog Superfrog.
  • Organized, passionate and super friendly.
  • Or really is a full package.

Featured episode – E1: Google Goats and Feature Babies

I am always sceptical when listening to the pilot episode of any show as it is usually accompanied by a lot of technical issues that usually get resolved (only) after a couple dozens of episodes. I am happy that this is not the case with Command+Shift+Left’s first episode, as the authors really made a strong statement by setting a solid standard for their show. Joined by Sam Crowell Richard and Aviv Ben-Yosef, the authors discussed technical debt and its parallels to babies’ rapid development. One of the statements I personally relate to a lot is that it’s quite hard to deliver just the minimal value product and later improve it through iterations. What I like about the show is that it combines both serious and casual topics. For example, did you know that there is a site called elgoog.im that originally started as a fun project and later became famous for overcoming China’s Great Firewall? Or (no pun intended) that Google HQ has hired 200 goats to assist on their “low-carbon” mission, and they cost them almost the same money as hiring a landscaping company, but were a lot cuter to watch? I personally didn’t know that and had a blast listening to the episode!

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