Podcast of the Week: Talk Python To Me

Python is one of my favorite programming languages. Not sure why. Maybe because of its simple and clean syntax, or the fact that it has settled in almost every area of the software world. Nevertheless, today’s highlighted podcast is one of my all-time favorites, and its name is Talk Python To Me.

About the show

Talk Python To Me is a weekly podcast hosted by Michael Kennedy. The show started back in 2015 and has reached over 400 episodes! It covers a wide list of Python related topics in the form of a 1-hour-long conversation with industry experts. Besides the podcasts, the author also offers educational courses for Python, which can help you on your way to becoming a well-rounded Pythonista. The author also started a second podcast called Python Bytes, which consists of 15-minute conversations on news from the Python ecosystem.

Michael Kennedy

Michael is the founder of Talk Python To Me and Python Bytes. He has taught over 100 week-long developer courses over four continents, and he is a regular speaker at US and international conferences. Michael is an active member of the Python community, holds the title of MongoDB Master, and knows a thing or two about .NET as well.

Featured episode – E411: Things I Wish Someone Had Explained To Me Sooner About Python

In this episode, Michael talks to Jason C. McDonald, who is the author of Dead Simple Python. which, in my opinion, is one of the best introductions to Python coding. In a little over an hour, they have covered some of the niche things they wish they knew back at the time they started coding in Python. The topics ranged from the specific way Python handles variables and inheritance to list comprehensions, virtual environments, and concurrency. What I personally like a lot is the fact that there is also a video of the episode available. If you are into Python, I highly recommend this podcast!

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